The Diadora brand has made a very substantial contribution to the history of Italian sports footwear and has also helped write sporting history with unforgettable champions. The online Diadora Heritage collection is intended to re-live those amazing endeavours and thrilling victories through the prism of retro design seen with in a contemporary feel. The Diadora Heritage line draws its inspiration from the running, tennis and basketball shoe models produced in the ‘70s and ‘80s bearing memorable names such as Exodus, Trident and Equipe. Diadora Heritage offers men’s sports shoes boasting impeccable style and versatile women’s sports shoes featuring enormous fashion potential. Vintage sports footwear for men and women in which the charm and style of those years are still real and irresistible today, yet made fresh and fashionable by the finest materials, finished with distinctive processing and in colours that make a big impact, with an extremely attentive eye to detail.